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Danish oil finish problem

Brad Bittle
>I turned a 10" cherry bowl last night from a dried rough. While mounted on the chuck(tenon), I wet sanded the inside of the bowl up to 1200 grit with Watco danish oil. I also saturated the outside of the bowl up to the unfinished tenon in the chuck. Tonight I reversed the bowl in my vacumn chuck and finished turning the foot. I then wet sanded the outside of the bowl as I did the inside. When I unmounted from the vacumn chuck, I found that I had a ring on the inside of the bowl due to the rubber gasket sealing with the oil and leaving a subtle stain or ring. It appears to go deep into the wood, and wet sanding from 400 to 1200 doesn't help. Any ideas as to how to remove the ring?

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Danish oil finish problem
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