Turning Archive 2006

Boy And His Tops *PIC*

Brad Vietje
>A.K.A. Man With Dangerous Tools !

Here are a few tops and my new/used Nova Comet mini lathe. This weekend I have an event turning and demonstrating tops of many sorts with kids at a local main street festival. I will have ancient-styled twirlers from pre-Helenic times, peg tops, whip tops (also pre-date the Greeks), throw tops, and a number of "thump tops" or modern-day twirlers of many designs, including my own "Acorn Top", and even a few Saturn spinners. All are shown here except the larger whip tops, though a small whip top is shown at far left. The big fella is really just for show -- it is much harder to spin than the little ones !

Safe spinning,

Brad Vietje
Newbury, VT

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