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***Perennial Favorites:: Suggestions?***

Ellis Walentine
>Well folks, our vaunted articles team, with associate member Bill Tindall, has undertaken yet another ambitious project -- the introduction of yet another article category called "Perennial Favorites." These are the threads that bloom on the boards again and again, year after year. By archiving them in this special new category, we will be able to add to them as new developments and postings occur.

The first phase of development for Perennial Favorites will be to create a working list of favorite topics that have been aired here over the past eight years or so. Then we will gather up the best of the archived posts for each Favorite topic and publish it in the new Favorites section in our Articles index.

You are all welcome to help us create our Favorites list. Just hit reply and suggest away. We can't guarantee that we'll include every topic suggested, but your suggestions will help us recall a lot of good ones that we might have otherwise forgotten.

Anyone who is interested in helping out with the searching and cutting and pasting process is more than welcome. Just pop me an e-mail and we'll assign you a topic to research for the cause.

Thanks to the Articles Team for their commitment and to you our visitors who are currently reading over 50,000 articles a month (and that doesn't even include Shop Shots or any of the miscellaneous articles hidden in the corners around here).

Onward and upward,

Ellis Walentine, Host

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