Turning Archive 2006

Union Graduate Bowl Lathe

Mike D
>I have found someone selling a Union Graduatel Bowl Lathe. They say it is in excellent condiition. They are short on further information other than it is single phase and that it has a step pulley speed adjustment.

I am asking for further info...
1. How old is the lathe?
2. You mention that it is single phase...Is the motor driven by 110 v or 220v?
3. What horse power is it?
4. Does this lathe have a tail stock? How far between centeres?
5. Do you have the model number of the lathe?
6. Do you have any picture of the lathe available?
7. Are you replacing the lathe?
8. What is the speed range on the lathe?

Any other questions I should ask?

Does anyone have an opinion on the Union Graduate Bowl Lathe? He is asking $950 that includes at 12" and a french curve rest.

Anyone know where I can get information on the Union Graduate line? I have done a search on the web and found that they are a UK line that may not be manufactured any longer. I have seen a few pictures and it looks like a neat old machine. Would this be a good investment for someone who is looking to get into bowl turning?

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