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collars again

>I have two questions...one is a little redundant...but they are kind of related, so I hope you'll forgive me.

I am still working on my maple hollow form. It is roughly 8 inches wide and 5 inches deep. I have it on the lathe attached to a waste block which is about three inches across. The opening in the top is maybe two...two and a half inches...in diameter (had to get my Sorby Hollowmaster in there). I have sanded the inside and the outside has been sealed with shellac and sanded to 4000 with abralon.

My first question is how to go about making a collar. I read the articles on WOW especially the one by Wally Dickerman and while it is both straight-forward and informative, he indicates he has two mwethods and this one is for vessels with small openings. What puzzles me is...should I make the collar seperate and then glue it in or rough turn and drill it and glue it in and then finish turning, sanding, and finishing it?

My second question is...how do I part and finish the bottom of the HF and how does the application of a collar affect this process? I guess I'm looking for a reasonably simple procedure so that I won't be fumbling around or re-inventing the wheel as I go along. Seems like, as my pieces get a bit more elaborate, I spend almost as much time trying to figure out how I am going to dismount and finish off the bottoms of these pieces than actually turning them. I'm not advanced (confidant) enough and my turnings are not complicated enough that I am comfortable re-engineering the process every time.

In the High Desert of Central Oregon

In the High Desert of Central Oregon

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