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I think I may be hooked on turning *PIC*

Wayne Leach-NW Ontario
>Last fall after dusting off my fairly unused 35 year old Rockwell 12" lathe, I made a couple of bowls after practicing spindles et al a la Richard Raffen tape. They turned out pretty good (although now they look amateurish). It seemed my wife had an insatiable appetite for my turnings (still not sure why)!
We have spent many winters down south to escape the cold and snow and I figured if I could "turn" down south it would give me something to do (when I am not golfing, mountain biking with Sabre, flying model RC airplane or hanging out with the gang at Happy Hour). So, upon arrival at Americus , Georgia, I began surfing the web looking for a lathe (my friend has satellite internet). I had seen many laud the Jet mini on WC forum and ultimately got one sent from Amazon.com
Now I needed a stand, so I found some slightly used 2 x 4 lanscaping timbers at the local Wallmart and for under $20.00 had the makings. I made it long enough to hold my "crumby" old 5" grinder which lived in the trailer for lack of a better home. Now, all I needed was a workshop.
Having had multi German Shepherd dogs in the past, we had an add-a-room for our dogs which attached to our old trailer , I adapted it to fit the 32' 5th wheel we now have and I was in business.
As luck would have it, the campground where we stayed was also a sod farm and had forest around the 800 or so acres. The owner said I could "help myself" to whatever I wanted as long as it was dead! So, thus began our quest for just the right wood. Sabre and I spent multi hours and dragged home piles of wood. Some of the wood was spalted and gorgeous!. Then I began turning what appeared to be older downed wood which was off the ground and should be dry, well almost everything I turned cracked big time within a week. So, I got discouraged but still puttered around learning.
I got Verizon phone and internet hookup just before our season ended and was able to once again surf the WC forum which I found invaluable not only for the wealth of information on it but for the motivation it provided.
I was able to find some wood suitable for turning but no one seemed to know what it was. I will try to put some on the forum as time permits and hope someone knows what they are.
But for now, I am including a photo of my mobile workshop .
Thanks for looking and thanks for all the help!


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