Turning Archive 2006

revelations of the inexperienced

Mike Hamilton
>Old news to most, I'm sure. Revelations to me, none the less. Hopefuly valuable to other neophytes.

Garage is shop. Thorough cleanup required after use. Wood taking too much space. All added up to an afternoon at the lathe and bandsaw. I managed to rough four bowls and subdivide another four cracked half-logs into smaller squares. Wood was more dry than green so turning was a bit slow.

These are my lessons learned:
If you wonder if the tool needs sharpening -- it does.
Frequently tighten the tailstock, you might lack purchase, rather than power.
Go faster sooner. Starting slow is fine for out of balance but the cut is smoother at speed. Practice makes perfect (at least better). You do develop muscle memory.

All in all, a fun afternoon. And a lot was accomplished with only one cleanup seesion.


Mike Hamilton
Plainfield, IN

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