Turning Archive 2006

Question about multiple glue ups?

>Greetings to all! I have been getting "Oak Stave's" from the local winery. This is the wood that has been in the oak barrels to add taste to the wine. You can tell if the staves have been in either white or red wine. real pretty in color and a slight purple tint, and great grain too. Anyhow, after putting them through the thickness planner and cutting to length, I glue them up. Oh yea, the stave's measure about 2 1/2" wide, 1/2" thick, and 36" long. Anyhow, I apply a thin layer of glue to both sides and put them into some pipe clamps. Here's the question, Do you need to apply moderate pressure, OR torque the heck out of the clamp? I have been putting the most pressure that I can apply, and I'm starting to get the threads alittle rounded over on the pipe clamp. So, is it moderate or as much pressure as possible? Another thing, I'm 6' and weigh 250#, so when I apply pressure, you can bet it is a LOT!!! I hope to soon show some turnings of the wood at a later date. Thanks

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