Turning Archive 2006

first demo

john lucas
>Jake brought up an interesting topic below so I thought I'd start another that might help the first time demonstrators. I still remember my first demo. Why they asked me to demo I don't know. We had John Jordan and 2 future AAW presidents in our club plus several other professional turners. They must have been at the bottom of the barrel and scraped me up. Any way I was asked to turn a bowl. So dummy me picks a mostly dry hunk of Walnut. My tools weren't the sharpest in those days because we sharpened by hand (which I still think is good to learn) and I was still kinda new and my gouges varied in sharpness from each different trip to the grinder.

Anyway it went well but very slow because you can't hog off wood with a dull tool in dry wood. Keeping the time constraints in mind I made a really thick walled bowl but did manage to show the process and all the different cuts.

Looking back I think they picked me for several reasons. One was to groom a new demonstrator. The older members can't do all the work and need to train new people. Two, sometimes beginners need to see a beginner, someone who fumbles a little and doesn't make it look so darn easy like the pro's do. Three, you need to make everyone in the club feel special or useful. Letting them do a demo really promotes a good feeling about how they helped the club and will make them more likely to do more for the club.

Charles Alvis was our club president back then and was always good at finding the potential in people. He did a great Job as AAW president as well.

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