Turning Archive 2006

Mushroom Gloat *PIC*

Brad Vietje
>Went foraging in the woods today and found a bumper crop of Morels. If you don't live where these grow, they are a highly sought out, very delicately flavored mushroom.

There are many benefits to turning locally-found green wood -- getting to know the trees and spending time out in the woods, and seeing all sorts of birds, flowers, animals, and yes, even fungi. Found quite a few this AM, but they were a little dried out from the sun (but did see 3 snakes, a porcupine, and a huge toad), and one morel was snapped off right next to a large moose track. I guess moose don't like morels. Then found a mother load this afternoon. Here's a little "Morel Forest"

Safe Spinning,

Brad Vietje
Newbury, VT

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