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Thank you W.C. Turner

Doug Thompson near Cleveland
>Your advice to set the preferences really changed the look of this site... frames are tough to navigate. I would like to say "Thank you" for you help.

A little background;
Been woodworking for 25 years and only used a lathe to make spindles for other projects. About 15 months ago(end of Feb.) on a new PM 3520 lathe turned my first green wood... need I say more. Two months after that I took a three day class from JoHannes Michelsen and enjoyed turning more that ever. Tomorrow I'll try to post pictures.

The work on the site is truly amazing and to be honest I don't have the knowledge to help very much but have lots to learn.

Members met so far;
tek, he's from the area
Jamie Donaldson briefly at a show in Cleveland

Thanks again W.C.

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Thank you W.C. Turner
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