Turning Archive 2006

LOOK what we found *PIC*

Wayne Leach
>while we were out walking in the woods looking for some black ash to turn!
Sabre (my best buddy) and I are always wandering down deer trails looking for wood and take the casmera with just in case, this time it paid off. Sabre was snooping around and found the fawn and when I called him he wouldnt come! Being #2 German Shepherd in obedience in Canada last year, it was not expected. When given the COME command, he refused, so I went down to get him and saw what he wanted me to! Sabre showed no sign of hostility, only bewilderment. I put him on a down stay and unslung the camera and grabbed a couple of telephoto shots and got out of there before the little thing got too uptight! As we walked away we saw the mother in the distance watching us.
This morning we saw Mom and baby wandering the woods so all is well!
We never found anything to turn but we will keep looking!

Wayne (and Sabre)

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