Turning Archive 2006

dust collecter

Bill Crommett
>I have a problem> I have a 2 hp Grizzley sawdust collecter that keeps blowing the bags off. There is a good and a bad side to this problem, because the unit is stored outside in my paint locker, so I don't have daily monitoring. But when it blows a bag it isn't in my workshop to mess everything up.
Last week when I found a big mess in the paint locker, I removed both bags, put the upper bag through the washing machine (LOML wasn't home) to clean out the pores,cleaned off the rims with lacquer thinner and put the bags back on with duct tape additional securing.

Today the top bag had blown off. I have to assume that the main problem is that I converted the whole system to an 8" PVC system with a new 8" intake plate instead of the two 4" nozzles.

The system sucks like a jet engine intake, so I would like some opinions as to how to keep the bags from blowing. My paint locker looks worse than my shop in it's worst day.

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