Turning Archive 2006


Garrett in Victoria BC
>On behalf of Ellis, Dan Donaldson, and Rod Peterson, I'd like to let all of you know that WoodCentral is reorganizing our several articles departments into a single repository of updated information and reference material.

The first step is today's introduction of a new feature, a sort of in-house magazine for easy reading. A “New Articles & Reviews” section will be the first thing you see when you click on the flashing dot for Articles & Reviews on the WoodCentral menu. Each batch of articles will first be published in that section, and remain there until the next new batch replaces them. 17 new pieces are there now.

The frequency of turnover will necessarily depend on contributions, collection, and production, but an average of a new batch every 4 or 5 weeks seems a reasonable prospect. All published articles and reviews will be permanently available in their relevant categories.

However, the category definitions are also under review, and I would welcome suggestions on organization.

We invite everyone to contribute material to articles@woodcentral.com. They need not be works of literature. All will be edited and produced to ensure professional presentation. Similarly, if you see material here or on other sites that you think would be a useful addition, let us know and we will do what is necessary to reproduce it here.

For the sake of accuracy and safety, we also ask anyone who sees an error or problems in any of the published material to advise us immediately so that we may make any required corrections.

Cheers, Garrett
Editor, WC Articles & Reviews

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