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Pen Blank Scraps and Cutoffs

Ken Oakley-Sunny St. Cloud, Fla
>I have just filled another USPS Prority Mail Flat Rate Box,(shoe box size) with cut offs, scraps and rejects from my cutting pen blanks I sell on Ebay. About 90% of the pieces are Citrus wood,( Orange, Tangerine etc). There is also a small amount of Camphor. This batch of citrus is really one of the more highly figured and grained woods I have cut in a while. The majority of the pieces are 13/16" sq. with lengths up tp 6". There are quite a few pieces that have some extrodinary spalting also. I have some similar woods listed on Ebay right now if you would like to see pictures of what some of the wood looks like. My Ebay user name is Deltakong. All I ask is you pay the postage,($8.10) and if you choose to pay via Paypal an additional $0.60 to cover the transaction fee Paypal charges me. First one To email me will have first crack at it.
Help me keep Florida clean.

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Pen Blank Scraps and Cutoffs
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