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Thank you, Al Crandall....!!!

Allen Neighbors
>Folks, sometimes I'm so one-track, or see something so much differently than other people, that its hard for me to explain to someone else what's on my mind.
I've been thinking all along that what I needed for my Nova2s to fit a Oneway Spindle, was something along the style of a "Spindle Adapter", rather than a "threaded bushing". I wanted to know the size of the internal threads of the SN2 so I could order the right adapter ... they don't even make anything like what I had envisioned in my steel trap mind.
I want to thank Al Crandall for his patience, and the time he spent with me, figuring all this out for me. He explained things so patiently, and in such detail, that even I could understand it. :o)
He made me understand that what I needed was, indeed, a threaded bushing, and he explained that the reason there wasn't an adapter already made to fit the Oneway Spindle was because size of the internal threads on the chuck are too close to the Oneway's to bush it out, and that all I needed was to get a Spindle Adapter, to reduce the Oneway Spindle to fit the SN2s.
But, I also didn't want to just order a Spindle adapter that would reduce the Spindle to 1", because I thought 1" was too small for the size of the blanks I expected to mount.
So... my friend Al advised me to order two inserts for the chucks that would fit a 1 1/4" inch Spindle, and then to order a Spindle Adapter that would fit the 1 1/4" chuck inserts. That way, I'm only reducing the Oneway Spindle by less than 1/64 of an inch... So, to shorten an already too long story: I made those orders this morning.
I also ordered my new Oneway 1640!! Six to eight weeks of waiting, now.
Thanks again, Al.

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