Turning Archive 2006

A Big Laminated Turning Question

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

I got a phone call today from a contractor who is looking to have a very large baseball bat turned. It needs to be 6 1/2' long and fit around a support column in a basement. I quoted a ballpark price that I considered to be somewhat on the outlandish side, and he did not even bat an eye, but said write it up and it will probably be accepted.

I have turned some long sticks before, but nothing lamintated like this. I need some segmented advice here. This thing is going to have to fit around a 4" diameter column, and is probably going to be somewhere around 5" at its narrowest and 8" or 9" at the base. Does anyone here have any experience doing anything like this? Not only does it have to come apart in half longways, it is going to have to come apart across the middle, since I can only spin 40" on the Poolewood. I TOLD SWMBO I was going to need that Conover one of these days... ;-)



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