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A Picture Posting for my Friend-Mel

>Hi Everyone....
I'm posting a few picture for my friend and the President of our local club, Mel Glick. He asked me if I would take some shots of this neat little lidded box that he made and so I did and now I'm posting them for him because I think it is such a unique box. I've never seen anything like it before. He said he's not sure what kind of wood it is....he calls it his Provo-Pickup Truck wood because he bought it out of the back of somebody's truck in Provo last year. I'm guessing it's burly, figured maple.

This last picture is of another one that I think is just an Object de' Art. It doesn't have a box to cover and is finished off on the bottom. Very neat off center turnings.

Nice job Mel. Like I told you....I really love these. Very unique and very well done!

Jennifer :)

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