Turning Archive 2006

Spring fling turning day. *PIC*

john lucas
>Wow, we had 22 people stop by to play. At one time we had 7 lathes running and 18 people either turning or sharpening. I definitely need to find more grinders if we are going to have this large of a group. Sorry I didn't get more photos. I was too busy answering questions and finding chucks, rulers, pencils, chisels etc. Not to mention trying to explain all the jigs I have laying all over the shop. Fun day, and we were able to really help some of the new turners. There's no telling how many tools we sharpened. We really need to spend more time teaching sharpening with hands on demo's. They brought some of the most poorly ground tools to work with. If you all aren't doing hands on sharpening demo's it should probably be done some way or another. I've done a sharpening demo for both clubs but they really need the hands on with an instructor standing by to help.

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