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My Attempt at a Finial-post Drozda Article

>Well not long ago I went over to one of our club members shop to pratice finials. We were both lacking severely and decided to give it a shot after reading Cindy's article in the latest (I think) issue of the AAW magazine. We hung the magazine up over the lathe so we could see the picture of her diagram and the photo and away we went. We felt like we were cheating...but we forged ahead anyway. Ned turned his first and then I took a shot....but I took the magazine and turned it a 1/4 turn clockwize so the picutre was oriented horizontaly like it was on the lathe. Hee-he. I was cheating big time!

Anyway...here's the finial I made that day. I didn't have anything turned that it was intended for, but when I got home I set it inside this little piece that I had made right after buying my burner, and it sort of fit, so there is sits. It's much too big for it, obviously. I'll have to make something else for it to sit in.

Now that I'm looking at this photo closely, it appears that I didn't even sit it in here straight! Ugh....I was in a rush :(

These finials are really difficult for me to make. It seems like I would adjust one thing and then have to re-adjust something else. They are very finicky.

One down....much more practicing to do!

Jen :)

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