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Maple Platter-Carved-Burned-Textured

>Hi Everybody,

Here the latest from my lathe. It’s a maple platter about 16” diameter. I played with small bit of carving and then some burning too. I once again added the BB’s to add a little something different. My mom says I shouldn’t be calling them BB’s (even though that’s what they are). She says I should call them “decorative brass beads”. Okay mom : )

The back has some texture that came from my needle scaler and then a bit of the burned pattern brought from the front to the foot.

The black you see in several places on this piece is my favorite source for blackening. It is gesso. The platter is finished with 3 coats of Watco Danish Oil, then 2 coats so far of Watco Antique Wax. I hope I’m not sorry I used the Antique Wax. I don’t use it often and kind of forget how it looks after a few coats.

I’m kind of excited about this piece as it will be one of four pieces featured in an article in an upcoming issue of Woodworker’s Journal. It is a yearly article by Betty Scarpino called “4 Boards, 4 Turners”. Betty writes a monthly turning article for the magazine, and this yearly article is a study in how 4 turners utilize the same size and specie of wood to come up with 4 different creations. I’m thrilled that it will be professionally photographed too. That will be a nice change from my lacking photo attempts.

As usual all comments and thoughts are welcome.

Thanks for peeking at my platter...now say that 10 times fast!


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