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Southern wood ID needed *PIC*

Pete in Holland, MI
>Morning all - -

This past Fall, I was involved in a mission trip to the city of Biloxi, MS, to help out after the hurricane. Part of the work needs was to take care of a bunch of fallen trees. Being from Michigan, I thought it a good opportunity to come home with some non-native wood to turn.

Attached is a photo of one of the bowls made from the trunk pieces brought back. This is finsh turned, but no sealers applied. Colors are pretty true. The wood turned green pretty well and dried well (with the help of Anchorseal). As I am finish turning, the orange wood proves to be VERY hard, and the sap wood about that of soft Maple. The orange wood tends to tear pretty easy even with the best of my turning efforts (which are still a long way from perfect). The wood is easily friction burned from the bevel of a tool or dull sand paper. This friction burning on the white sap wood leaves an interesting rose color to the wood. The tree itself was in the city and about 2' diameter in the trunk. It was fairly tall, but the canopy didn't spread out too much. There were many Live Oaks in the area, but this one didn't compare in shape and bark appearance. There were no leaves on the entire tree, and the millions on the ground would have made it a crap shoot picking one up.

Any clue as to the wood that I'm working with ?

Thanx guys

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