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Electric Chainsaw on sale *LINK*

Gary R
>Hello all:
I have been looking at gas and electric chainsaws for a while, and decided to start this year with an electric. Will most likely get a small Stihl gas in addition next year.

I had been looking at the saw carried by Lowes - spotted a sale at Sears this week.

They have the equivalent 3.5 hp unit with self oiler and 16" bar on sale for $59.00. What sold me was for an extra $9.00 you can get the "walk in replacement" warranty covering 2 years. Anything happens, just take it to Sears for a replacment. Salesperson told me (I'll be checking into this) that after the 2 years, I can renew the warranty.

So - it came to just over $80.00 for saw, warranty and bar oil.

I have some recently acquired walnut and maple to start hacking up!! Enough to keep my Jet Mini going for a while.

I'll post some additional saw info once I get cutting - I know from post searches that a number of us have been looking into electric saws.

May not be the most rugged, but I have a Sears close to me, so the walk in warranty will fix any stripped sprockets gears for quite a while.

I believe the sale ends on 5/20/06.

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