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Good deal on OneWay chucks at Hartville Tool *LINK*

Craig Daymon
>I just ordered a Stronghold from Hartville Tool. They have a "Spring Special" sale on until the end of the month. The Stronghold (with worm screw, T-wrench, chuck key, #2 and, as a bonus, #1 Spigot Jaws) for $219. You'll probably need an adapter, which is another $20.99.

They have the same deal for the Talon for $179. The Wolverine set-up is on sale as well, but I don't know the price on that.

This seems like a really good deal. I'm getting the Stronghold for a little more than I paid for the Talon and getting the spigot chucks in addition. (Though, I do wish it was a set of #3 jaws instead.)

Thought others might be interested. Link below.


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