Turning Archive 2006

Rude Osolnik Originals or Knockoff? *PIC*

Arn Ward
>I was at my Mother-in-law's this weekend. I woke up in the morning and was looking around the room. On the back of a cabinet I saw 3 candlesticks and had to jump out of bed to take a closer look. They look a lot like Rude Osolnik candlesticks. Unfortunately, they are not marked. They look like they are made from walnut. They feel like they are lead filled on the bottom and are covered with brown felt. The top hole is drilled out and has a small drill point hole in the middle. The candlesticks were purchased back in the 50's at Warther Carvings Train Museum in Dover, Ohio. They still have the price stickers on them marked at $4, $5 and $6 respectively. She had them in a box in the closet for the past 50 years and just pulled them out recently when she decided to paint the closet.

I've included pictures. Is there any way to confirm or deny these are originals?

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