Turning Archive 2006

Woodburning branding tip *PIC*

OB OBrien In Pensacola
>Hi You all; Sue and I saw Molly's demo at the gathering and Sue wanted to try some. So I bought her a detail master and an assortment of pens. Have been looking into making some pens like Molly showed us. Ordered a sample pack of Nichrome wire off of EBay. Was on my way to Radio shack to get the barrier strip and phone jacks when I had an idea. Since one of the handles I got from Woodcraft is made to accept changable tips, I used some 19 guage wire and wound some around a copper nail. Had to double the loose ends and squish em closed to make a good contact in the holes in the handle. Stuck em into the ready made handle and turned it on. Guess what it works. So now I don't have to go to radio shack. Here's a picture of the homemade tip, store bought handle and some test burnings in the background. The edge of the nail draws a really fine hairline and almost flat, it does some shading. What do you expert woodburners (Hello Molly) think about this ? Thanks OB n Sue

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