Turning Archive 2006

N.E. Symposium Good news, Bad news

Spence in Rhode Island
>The Good News: Well we managed to get there and back without drowning. LOL Met up with Donna Banfield who is super nice and was really helpful. Had a great talk with Beth Ireland and am looking forward to seeing her again. I also won a beautiful piece of osage orange in the raffle. Since I never win anything that was kinda neat.

The Bad New: Unfortunetly I disturbed a few of the demos going on in the main hall where the instand gallery was going on by talking too loudly. For that I apoligize to anyone who was there. I can't tell how loud my voice is and was told later that I upset quite a few people. Again my apoligies.

The really bad news was that 4 of my pieces were stolen that were in my box in a back room. Partly my own stupidity for leaving them in the box but it was raining so hard that a walk back to the car would have been even more miserable then the walk in. Oh well, I guess it means my stuff is good enough to steal anyways. LOL
Sorry I didn't get to meet more WC folks but I'll be at 5 Barns in July so I know I'll see a bunch of you then. :)

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