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Carving Benches

>I just posted this over on the carving side and thought what the heck I'll post it here too since some of the gang here carves and burns at their benches.


Hi Everyone,

I've just recently gotten into doing a bit of carving on my turned bowls and platters and such and am curious to see what sort of setup you dedicated carvers use as your carving bench. I find that just using my workbench and the metal shop stool that I have is not conducive to carving at all and am pondering an alternative set up just for when I'm carving. I've got my power caver hanging up and to the right of my bench and that seems to be a good place for it....but I'm thinking of building some sort of platform of doubled up 3/4" ply that I can attach to the bench that has a sort of horseshoe cut out in it so I can surround myself with benchtop. As it is now...I can't get my stool (which is terribly uncomfortable) close enough to the bench to even get my knees under it. If any of you have a picture of your carving area set up that you wouldn't mind sharing I would be so grateful. I really love this dabbling in carving that I'm doing and I think I'd enjoy it even more if I didn't walk away from my bench in pain from leaning over, and straining all the time!

Thanks in advance :)


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