Turning Archive 2006

First Show N Tell *PIC*

Bob Way
>I tend to be one of those guys who sits in the back of the room. I have learned so much from you, and enjoyed your company, that I figured it was time to do a little show and tell. This is a vase I turned this past week.

This was kind of a new venture for me. Im a bit partial to segmented turning, and, as time allowed, have done several bowls of the stacked ring variety. With the vase I ventured into the compound staves with some left over walnut I had on hand. I sort of woosed out in terms of the slope angle, and cut for a modest 10 degrees from vertical. The angle and thickness of the walnut didnt allow for much of a curve in the body of the vase. Otherwise, turning this was a great opportunity to refine some of the processes and techniques you all have been so helpful to me in refining. The joints are good, I had the chance to try some different things in mounting and turning, and the finish has some visual and tactile qualities I really like. I turn for fun, and with some of your sideline help, this was a real hoot. Thanks so much.

Vase is walnut solids and veneers, big leaf maple, and holly veneer. It measures 4 wide at the shoulder, 6 overall height, and 1 at the base.

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