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Turning Videos - Great Rental Source *LINK*

Gary R
>Hello All

Just wanted to pass along a great site I stumbled on, and have not seen mentioned (no affiliation - just a renter).

Technical Video Rental is a mail order DVD rental site, specializing in "How To" type videos. They have 34 Turning videos for $9.99 rental. You get to keep for a week, and return in their pre-paid mailer. I have rented a number of them - service is A+++.

As DVD's are typically $30 to $40 for a purchase, this is a chance to preview them for a good price. If you decide it's a keeper, then you can make your purchase. They only rent - no sales. So you will need to go to your favorite mail order source.

This is a great service for all the beginners. I picked up a ton of tips from the videos I have rented, and in turn made a number of purchases.

Happy turning (and DVD watching)

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