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Shuffle Board Table *PIC*

Jim King
>This was not much turning but a lot of work. The legs are turned out of Orange Agate as is the rest of the base. The actual playing surface is 12 foot long by 20 inches wide of laminated Tigrillo Caspi and Limoncillo glued to a inch plywood base with Cumala sides and red carpeting in the gutters on all four sides of the playing surface with sandal sole backing to protect the hard hits on the ends. The numbers and lines on the surface are decals we made on clear decal paper with our computer printer.

The pucks are made out of Bloodwood and Black Ipe as they were the only two woods that weighed the same when finished.

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Shuffle Board Table *PIC*
Re: Shuffle Board Table
Great piece of work, Jim. Nice use of the woods. *NM*
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