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The little guys' flat birthday present *PIC*

David Breth
>Recently I posted about a toybox I was making for my little guy's first birthday. He fractured his skull two weeks ago in a bad fall, but is doing well. I said I would post photos of the little guy and his toybox, so here you go.

Next visit to the catscan machine and neurosurgeon is this week, and based on what we see in him, I think we'll get good news. Sure hope so. Lots of people have been praying for him, including some of you, and my wife and I wanted to thank you for that.

Anyway, about the toybox. Cheapo pine from Home Depot - lots of knots, which I prefer for work like this, you just have to watch your screw locations a bit so you don't crack wood. Used four coats of Spar Varnish (as I did with his sister's when she turnd one). Rub on transfers are sealed beneath the varnish. You can either use varnish or polyeurethane I believe on top of the decals, and I like the look of the varnish bettter. I don't, however, take any pleasure in applying the stuff. It requires perfection in application, walking the line between not covering well with visible open spots, or a little too much, where you get drip/teary spots. In all, I probably have 25 hours in it (lots of sanding, 8-10 hours finishing, and unfortunatey, lots of do-overs for moronic mistakes such as measure once). The decals took two or three hours to put on, late at night on the second night he was in the hospital.

The measurements mirror the toybox I had as a kid, including thte rope handles, although I did a couple of things differently.

Next pic is a photo with the lid down. In all, there are something on the order of 90 decals, representing fishing, trains, camping, cars/trucks, sports.

My brief return to the flat side is over for awhile I hope, but it will probably still be a few weeks before my schedule permits me to unearth the lathe again.

David B.

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