Turning Archive 2006

My new flower box *PIC*

John Lucas
>This thing was fun to build but I've got a lot of design work to do to make it really nice. I think the box itself should be shaped differently. I think I'll turn the small ring of flower leaves into beads or berry's, the bigger ring started out with more curve to the leaves but as I carved them I lost that. The top inside-out turning was supposed to be really open at the top but I was turning this late at night and screwed it up. It's OK like that but I think it would have been much better if it really opened up and had something really neat inside.

I had fun playing with the analine dye. I think I should study water color techniques. I usually let one layer dry before applying another color but I decided to see what would happen if applied it wet. You get some interesting border areas between the colors and it's hard to predict the amount of blead.

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