Turning Archive 2006

Tool cart Question?

Barry Irby
>I have posted several questions about enlarging my shop and am still thinking about it. Having the small shop blues, one of the things I notice is that I am constantly moving my accessories around at the lathe. My drill press and bandsaw and portable planer which are nearby become tool holders, which is OK until I want to use one of them and then I have to shuffle that stuff around and then back again. Don't some of you have a tool or accessory cart you use with your lathe? I was thinking of moving the planer into the other room(its on wheels) and "replacing" it with a cart.

Can someone give my some guidance on what you have and what you like about it and how you might improve it? Have you seen one that you wish you had. What makes this work well? How about a receptacle on it for the power sanding stuff?

The "stand" for the planer is a base for a jointer, which I just happened to have. Any chance of chucking the stand and making a duel purpose cart that would serve both functions?

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