Turning Archive 2006

Inlace hazard warning

john lucas
>I started using some clear Inlace again after a year or more of absense. After pouring the inlace onto the wood there is always some left so I try to mix something fun in it and let it dry in the cup. Then I'll turn this Inlace mixture into something later. I've always mixed it up in Dixie cups. Inlace packs thier own cups so I used that instead. Guess what. It eats up the cup. Never did this with a Dixie cup. Fortunately I had laid it on the floor to harden overnight. Now I have a 6" round puddle that will probably have to be chipped off the concrete. I like having my new shop in the Garage. Before it was in my basement and I would have to smell the Inlace for about 2 days after I used it. Nasty smelling stuff.

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