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>will be bowl gouge grinds and presentation. Ron is taking photos with captions for us to look at as we discuss advantages and disadvantages of various grind profiles. This is a very versatile tool and can be shaped many ways. If your toolrest will go low enough then you can use a "low-handle" cut but if your toolrest will not go much below center then you might choose a "level-handle" cut. Many factors contribute to the perfect grind for each of us on our particular lathe as well as our typical shapes of vessels. Please send Ron photos of your particular grinds and why you like them and also note the brand of lathe you have or the distance below the center to the toolrest with the toolrest at minimum height.
The topic will start at 9:30pm eastern but come on as early as you like for geneneral conversation with other turners. To keep things going along without confusion let's avoid the howdies and goodbyes during the topic hour.
Thanks all

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This week's topic....
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