Turning Archive 2006

thoughts on burning crazy?

Bob Fawcett
>I have been following the thoughts on burning pens that have followed Molly's demo at the "Gathering".
I wonder if you couldn't convert a soldering station to do this?
I have the Weller WES51 solder station. I found one site that sells this for $89.
This is a temperature controlled station with a range of 350-850 degrees. I usually set it to 650 for soldering. Is that hot enough for burning?
The tips are easily replaceable and not expensive. The connecting end is also hollow. Seems you could drill one to accept the top portion of your copper nail. Solder it in even.
They usually have about 50 watts power which seems to be about what the dedicated burners have.
I think I will order some spare tips and try this.
Anyone else tried already?

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