Turning Archive 2006

Belated Gathering Goals

Allen Neighbors
>I've been tied up since the gathering, with travel, and setting up my new grinding system... sorry I'm late with this post. However:
Jorge, Bob, Jerome, Ed, TD, OB, Duane, Molly, Ruth, Greg, Barbara, Keith, Rev Doug, Carole, Mr Turpin, Mark... I apologise that I can't name all of you, but I just don't have the memory for it; but I learned something from all of you. I enjoyed the camaraderie with all of you turners, whether beginner or pro. Seeing all of the grand turnings of everyone, and even trying out Dan's cooking, and TD's, Mitch's and Elaine's graciousness as hosts. All of it was AWESOME!
I'm one beginner that was truly blessed. I can't afford to travel and attend most of the professional symposiums due to the cost of entry on top of the travel. But this Gathering helped me out more than any of you can realize.
I fell in love with the bowl gouge... my first attempt at using one... (throwing those long curls, Rev Doug) so I bought a gouge and a grinding system (Delta and Wolverine system). Got it all sharp, ground right, too, and when I chucked up a blank of green Bois d'Arc and went at it with my new gouge I brought Old Griz to a straining stop. Guess why?... No, not a catch. Right... not enough power.
Now I'm going to have to buy a better, more powerful lathe. So, aside from the $650 for diesel fuel, and the other expenses, now I'm going to have to spring for a new Oneway 1640.
No matter. It is all worth the time and the expense, and I'm praying for another one. My thanks to all of you.
Allen - Maker of fine mulch

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