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Intermittant Jet 1236 vibration?

GaryG in MD
>I have a Jet 1236 and consider it to be a decent, inexpensive lathe. It's all I need until I improve my tool skills. ;-)

I've been having a problem with intermittant vibration. Let's say I have a small item mounted -- in perfect balance. I turn the lathe on and off a few times, and everything is fine. Then I turn it on again, and it vibrates. Nothing serious, I can still turn, but it's annoying -- I like to listen carefully to the cut when I turn, and this vibration is enough to make the banjo vibrate a tad and the banjo handles rattle (even though I have a rubber band around them to prevent that). It may do that a few times, and then, seemingly at random, it may come on perfectly smooth and quiet again, with absolutely nothing changed.

I'm assuming it probably has something to do with the belts, but I've never removed the cover -- it's effectively factory fresh.

Has anyone else had this problem, and what can/should I do about it?

TIA, Gary

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