Turning Archive 2006

200 bd ft of Osage Orange *PIC*

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>At least I hope it will be once I get all the cracks sawed out.

This is for those who like to look at beautiful wood as much as I do. I am NOT attempting a stealth gloat here. Well...maybe. 8^]

If you are interested in striking up street-corner conversations, you should try hauling a trailer full of this stuff through any small town. I've had a half-dozen people asking what kind of wood I had.

Many public thank-you's to Dick Parr for turning me on to this. I do think that tree-companies should not be allowed to handle unique specimens like this one. I'm told it had 4 trunks. Many of the pieces are 20"+ in diameter. That's one HUGE Osage Orange. Many of those same pieces are also 12" to 16" long. Luckily I found a sawyer who didn't have a lot to do at the moment and we managed to find a way to dog each piece down securely. Only one came loose and produced a scare and a rippled surface, but no broken blades.


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