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Ambrosa maple anyone? *PIC*

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Hello Everyone,

I just had a 31" diameter x 60' tall Silver Maple tree cut down. I figured that with my luck, the figure and grain would be as plain as hell. But that is not the case. It seems that the Ambrosia Beetle had a little dinner party with this tree. The wood features those classis pin holes and streaks of Ambrosia Maple. I've attached pictures to show you what it looks like.

I told the tree surgeon to leave the trunk in 2' long chucks. But he must have had a weird ruler. Cause' these logs are about 4' long!

Anyway, if you're local to the Philly/New Jersey Area (Im in Buck's County PA) and interested in picking up some rather LARGE ambrosia maple for FREE, please contact me. But don't wait too long. I already notified my Woodturning Club members.

See ya around,

My ugly mug


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