Turning Archive 2006

Bugs and Vacuum

Phil Joines Krum, Texas
>One of the local clubs is fixen to harvest some Mesquite. As all of you who have turned it no doubt know the bugs eat into it faster than it can hit the ground. Has anyone ever tried killing the bugs using vacuum? Maybe putting it in a 55 gal drum and leaving it under vacuum for a couple of hours might do a number on them.

For those unfortunate souls who don't have access to them a Mesquite borer is about 3/8" across and 1 1/2" or more long. Pretty good with some BBQ sauce. SWMBO was turning a bowl a while back. When I respectfully mentioned the lack of a face shield she put hers on. About 5 minutes latter a plump broiler sized specimen blew out and impacted on the plastic right between her eyes.

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