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tek-Brunswick, Ohio
>I don't do a lot of pens, but I do make them as gifts. When I saw that Berea Hardwoods had Rose Gold American Flat Top pen kits I had to buy a couple. My mother loves Rose Gold if you are not familiar with it, the color is somewhere between copper and gold. It is an alloy of the two metals and fairly durable. At $13.50 each, they are more expensive than most of the pen kits I buy, but the plating is worth it to me. The pen on the left is for my mother. It is a cut off from a piece of burl. Judging by the color and the smell I think it is Russian Olive. The pen on the left is stabilized, Dyed Box Elder Burl. It is a little darker than I hoped for. It is for my younger daughter when she graduates from college. She loves pink. This is too dark for pink but I'm sure she will like it.

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Rose Gold *LINK* *PIC*
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