Turning Archive 2006

Carved Maple Bowl

>Here's another one that I finished up today. This is my second attempt at carving and while I think it's an improvement from the last....I have so much to learn it's not even funny. Carving is very humbling for me. I find it very difficult to know where to remove wood and where to make curves and stuff. I would love to take a carving class sometime. I thought I was done with this one when I brought it in this evening. Maybe I've been looking at it too close for too long...but after taking these photos, I feel like it needs something else? I don't know what though. It is a piece of maple about 8" diameter and 4" tall. Again I was using the BLO for wet sanding and so that's the finish it got. Can I put something over it? Both these pieces just feel flat or something? I like the depth they have though.

Well there ya go....that's what I've been doing in my shop the past week or so. Comments or ideas as to the thought of doing something more to it...or leaving it alone would be welcome :)

Thanks for looking.


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