Turning Archive 2006

Curly Cottonwood Wide Brim Bowl

>Hi Gang,

Here's a couple of new things from my shop. This first one is a piece of figured Cottonwood. Our own Jim Shaver gave it to me a while back (thank you Jim :), and I just got around to turning it a week or so ago. This blank was odd because I could see that one side was incredibly figured all over, but the other side was plain Jane...nothing happening on it. I wanted to get the most of the figure but I wasn't sure how deep it went. So I decided I'd try one of these wide rimmed jobbies and leave the blah part of the blank for the base. After I was done turning it....the blah base...was just that...blah, so today I decided to cover it up with some heat from my woodburner.

It's about 10" diameter and 6" tall. I have about 4 coats of BLO on it and I'm not sure what to do with it next. I don't usually use BLO but was using it to wet sand with and so I guess this is the finish that it gets. Do those of you who use BLO buff afterwards? With the Beal? Or just by hand with a soft cloth?

Any comments are welcome. Thanks for looking.


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