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Inside Bowl Sanding....

Phil Winn
>Bowl turning is a blast!.... but since my technique is still lean, my bowls require much sanding...too much sanding! The hi-tech system which I am using involves tearing sand paper sheets into quarters, folding them a few more times, then pushing the sandpaper into the bowl as it spins on the lathe……I was thinking that there must be a better way, so looked at a few catalogs—Rockler, WoodCraft, ParkardWoodWorking, CraftSupply, CuttingEdgeTools, etc, etc, and there so many choices, my head spins! I have a 3/8 corded drill, a Foredom flex shaft tool (not sure if its largest collet is 1/8” or 1/4"). In the future I would like to turn hollow vases, bowls of all useful sizes, etc., and want to buy a sanding system which will make these surfaces nice and smooth. I guess there is the power tool and/or holder as well as the abrasive – which needs to be frequently replaced; Performance is primary. I would like to purchase the correct tool(s) the first time….which ones do you suggest?
1. Power Lock Abrasive Flex Edges Discs
2. Sorby Velcro Bowl Sanding System
3. New Wave Velcro Sanding Discs
4. Sioux Sanding Drill (which speed Slow or High?)
5. Apprentice Dual Action Air Sander
6. Extend-A-Sand
7. Reach Sanding Ball
8. Inertia Sander
9. Artisan Disc Holders
10. ????????????
11. ?????????
Thank you so much! Please either email , PM, or post.
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