Turning Archive 2006

I am back from the gathering!

Jorge Castaneda
>Hi everybody,
Apologies for not reporting sooner, and caused Jen to worry, she just called; what a wonderful bunch of people are all the members of this comunity, loving and caring; some I knew from their posts for years, others were totally new to me, but to meet them in person is something else again, just wonderful, and all are as we say here in Maine "finest kind".
All the effort to get there was well worth it, just to meet everybody and as a big bonus, I learned in three days a lot more than I have in a long while. If you had doubts attending one of these gatherings, fear not, you will be in for a treat.
Special thanks to Terry, Elaine and Mitch Daniel, for organizing this gathering and opening their home to all of us, and to everybody else that helped make this happen.
Pics as soon as I process them.

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