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A pending birthday present - thank goodness

David Breth
>I haven't posted in a long time, and thought I should check in given some recent events. I've been goofing with wiring and shop arrangement since then given a new dust collector. My lathe has become a table. In addition, my son's 1st birthday is coming up in a week, and I am making a toybox for him, which is really why I'm writing.

Actually, I'm quite pleased for him to have a birthday at all. On Thursday of last week, my little guy tumbled out of our minivan onto a parking lot. Hes doing well, but he was kept for a couple of nights in the hospital. You would never know it to see him, but he fractured his skull (about a 3-4 hairline running vertically from the base/back of his head), bruised his cerebellum, has a couple of blood spots on his brain, and had a concussion to boot. Hes doing very well, and hes smiling and has good motor function, and his prognosis is very good for full recovery. Hes a little scary right now, because sometimes he gets real cranky or loses his equilibrium, and my wife and I are hyper-sensitive to everything of course. The biggest thing is to prevent re-injury two weeks of fairly constant supervision for a level of healing comfort, and about three months for the bones to knit. And he's starting to get serious about walking....

Today I picked him out of the crib after a nap and he didn't smile at me. Very unusual, gave me some concern, but they give concussed children "anti-seisure" medicine that makes them drowsy, plus, we need to expect him to be out of sorts in some respects for a little while. It is terrifying to be patient - you want him to be all right, right now, so badly.

Unless there is a surprise complication, were past the emergency part of this. We're just grateful that those very special hands were beneath his little head to prevent this from being much, much worse.

Just in case you're wondering, yeah, this is one of those life-changing events, that suddenly gives you right priority in all aspects of your life, and puts a little something in your eye if you think about it too much. We're a praying family, and certainly ask that you keep our little man in prayer. Mom and dad too.

By the way, I will post photos of the toybox with the little guy when it is completed.

David B.

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