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Salamanders in my bowl!!! PICS

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

The burning and coloring experiments continue. This is a piece I will be submitting to my son's school for their spring fundraiser auction. Their school is the Salem Salamanders and their colors are teal and purple. The critters were drawn from stencils and then burned and colored with prisma markers. The wood is hard maple. Size is about 9 across and just under 3 high. Finish is my favorite, tried and true and then buffed on the beall wheels. Light buffing to keep the color from running. The wood was very hard and took a great polish.

Comments and critiques are always welcome. I am not sure about the black band around the top. It was an afterthought. I thought the piece looked naked and bare?

Thanks for taking a look. The auction is in 2 weeks, hopefully it will do well.


Giving away bowls left and right in Apex, NC

Top shot

Another top shot:

Purple guy crawling over the rim:

Other side:

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