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Gouge Grind for Inside Bowl Bottoms *PIC*

David Propst, Valdese, NC
>I was looking tonight for some side grind gouge info for Allen Neighbors and found the pic below that I put together some time ago explaining the 80 degree gouge I use for deep bowl bottoms or for concave rim bowls. It has been discussed here before, but since I had this photo put together I thought I'd post it.

Alllen's initiation to the bowl gouge at the gathering was a sight to behold. He has been turning with Oland style tools for two years and when he started producing smmoth shavings with a gouge he looked like a kid on Christmas morning.

Below is the 60 degree gouge grind I usually use and the more blunt 80 degree grind. The blunt grind is used with the bevel rubbing and perpendicular to the surface, cutting just off either side of the tip. The swept back wings are not necessary, but that's the way the tool comes off when using the Varigrind. With a light touch the cut it makes produces very fine shavings and a very smooth surface.

For open bowls that allow me to follow the curve with a bevel rubbing cut I use my 60 degree gouge. The 80 degree gouge is a "specialty tool" that is quite nice when I need it.

Some folks can get the same result with scrapers, but I get better results with this tool. If someone gives me a better way I'll gladly regrind the 80 degree tool back to my regular grind. The less tools the better!


P.S. At the gathering there was much praise for the 40 degree grind promoted by Stuart Batty. I'll be giving it a try this week.

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